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Everything really important in this extremely short life is intriguing, exciting and hard to realise. Nothing may be more desirable than bringing to life your ideas. Welcome to my beginner’s in the movie production and professional’s in digital marketing blog.

5 tips for writer’s work: That’s how all the fairytales would love to be told

That's how all the fairytales would love to be told

 I want to give you 5 tips for writer’s work which is useful for me in my work. How to write any text better than you used to? How to help yourself in being a self-critic? I’ve found out these rules from ads, social media content, poems writing and a little of fiction writing experience. 

First of all, never be lazy to rewrite text

 It’s a main enemy of good writer’s work, in my view. Like Johannes Brahms once said that it’s not much hard to compose, but it’s hard to cross the extra notes out. Therefore feel free to delete extra words, phrases, whole sentences, paragraphs if they aren’t make sense. Or not enough sense according to your purposes. If some parts of the text turned out not impressive, tedious and boring just cut it out! Afterwards rewrite that part when you feel the inspiration or at least after cup or coffee or tea.

My second advice: sleep on your writings

 Don’t publish or send to your client materials at the same day you’ve written them. You better sleep on it. It might be astonishing for you how different you’ll find your text the following morning!

The third thing: write your every word like it’s your last

 Your work becomes ten times more impressive if you’ll keep this idea in your head. Choose only the brightest comparison, adjectives and metaphors. Don’t be lazy to look for them! Make your imagination and memory work on 100%. Be guided by the idea that it’s your very last chance to impress your readers.

The fourth tip: сhoose up your perfect imaginary reader

 It has to be a person who has a real power on you. Even though your writing isn’t for that recipient! For instance, someone may be more self-critical writing fiction imagine that some famous person will read it. Just try to write a love letter like your chief editor will criticize it… It’s not an ordinary task, is it? This game can lead you to reaching new horizons of creative and critical view.

My last advice: follow the structure and the grammar rules

… in most cases. But follow your desire to break the rule if it helps for better showing your vision. English is my second language and I’m trying hard to sound more natural for those who read me. I’m making mistakes time to time, but it’s the better way to practice language and repeat the rules by combining it with your writing checks. I love it! Sometimes it turns out that my mistake not even a mistake but an unusual way to say something and it sounds fresh and memorable!

 The text structure rules depends on the type of writing. It’s similar for writings in most languages. Before you start your writing learn more about your type of text structure. If your work is more than 300 symbols be careful with following the plan. I’m going to write more about structures and composition in my future articles. And also add more tips for writer’s work.

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Facebook image editor 2019: short guide and colour correction basics

 It’s easy and fast to correct an image according to your purposes right on in social network before posting. If you look careful, you’ll see a lot of photos with imbalanced brightness, warmth, sharpen. Even though a picture made by professionals and posted on photo stock. It’s not a bad photos at all! Authors want to show their view and correct levels how they want. There’s no accounting for tastes! Or maybe you’ve made a shot by yourself and it’s far from perfect. This short article is about simple and quick way to make a little correction right on in the post creating Facebook window. This article aren’t for professional designers, ofcourse, but for common users. The Facebook image editor isn’t popular tool, but let’s see how it helps!

Download and cut

 Firstly, click to create a new post and download your image. Then open the editor. I’ve found my pic on one of the photo stocks.

facebook editor

 We need to choose the best looking size. It’s better be horizontal orientated image or square for Facebook feed and a vertical rectangle for stories. My photo is vertical, so I cut it to get a square.

facebook editor
Colour correction, filters

 In most cases we need to make a correction to obtain more natural colours. Our eyes receive too much information from today’s media channels. I found out that more real images work more sustainable and successful now. Like it’s closer to reality and more «honest». Hence, be careful with using filters. They make a very specific changes and usually your pic becomes a lower quality one. In Facebook editor we have not so much options for colour correction. There are six filters to improve our image. In my case you can see the options below.

image filters facebook

 The Vintage filter increases the level of grey. The picture becomes too colourless for me. If you follow the style, this one looks quite fashionable.

The Spring filter increases the red colour level and brightness. The picture looks more sunny, but we can see that the white fence looks not enough natural. Remember that the white colour level is extremely important in image correction.

The Summer filter looks really bright with high level of yellow. We can notice that the white colour of fence looks closer to pure white.

The Fall filter add more green colour. It makes grass looks more natural. Notice that black dog hair and collar look a bit more natural than on the previous pic. But we lose the letter’s S brightness on this image.

The Winter filter fade out colors and add blue haze. For my picture message about Dog Hero it’s too specific in my view.

The last one — Snow filter — makes pic white and black. It looks non contrast and needs white colour correction as well.

I’ll go with Summer filter. Remember, in your case it can be better to use the other one. So, just follow your senses and use some of my tips. I’m sure you’ll do your best!

Text and stickers

 As the next step we can add a text. Choose one of five fonts. You can test different font colors during the text correction. Remember that we start to read from the left side to the right, top-down, firstly the bigger letters than smaller ones. It’s important for sending the right message when you split the text.

add text on the image

 Facebook has a huge library of stickers! You can play with one set for creating recognizable posts style or use it from time to time to draw attention. Stickers are free.

facebook stickers

 We are on the finish line. Don’t forget to save your changes. And finally look at the original image. Compare it with your creation. Which looks better? Post only the best one, don’t regret about wasted time (all process takes under 5 minutes), just be honest with yourself. The facebook image editor and a little knowledge in colour correction helps your contant to become more competitive. High quality content worths sober examining.

facebook editor

Script writer searching process and the importance of saying NO

During my first phase of movie producing process, I’ve already took on a lot. I’m still looking for the scriptwriter to put down in words our team’s idea. Authors try to sell me their all kind of stories, show their ability to act, offer me services in advertising. It’s hard to say that I’m just not interested in it. You never know the moment you may need somebody, it’s a fact. However that may be, I almost always stick to the plan and build project structure step by step. The one of the key things of the way to success is importance of saying NO and concentration on your feelings and the main idea.

Being an artistic person, I know how refuses may hurt. As a specialist, I’m known as a cold, exact decision making and detached manager. Only I know what’s happen inside me when I have to deny ideas. It was and always will be hard for me to refuse somebody’s creative work. Moreover, if it feels like soul were put in this work. But I have my team’s goals to reach, I can’t work with a mess of artists although they’re talented and I admire them.

To be honest, I didn’t expect it takes so long to find a script writer. There’s a big black hole of Writers, even though lots of those who are writing. Swimming in this area with hopes, I’ve found a few ready-to-write authors. At the very beginning I’ve told everyone that our team not necessarily be ready to cooperate with them. We need to look at some small piece of the script based on our idea before we make a decision. We have a main story, and the task is to elaborate it, add hints and make it complete. I’m figuring that it’s close to impossible. I have a couple of authors who are in the status «stand by» under month. The reference materials at least should be observed by them. So, wait the muse…

And never stop looking for

The space to think between «Just post something» and «Who the h*** ‘ve done that?»

Be careful in delegating social networks communications. It can properly work that way in a few consequences. For example, a social media specialist can work solitary if there’s a source with constantly updating content to use. In that case pro can choose a potentially effective piece and post it. If there’s a plenty of options. Other words, you can successfully delegate your social media to another person only if an information resource needs to be presented. It may works by simple copying pieces of content.

But don’t forget that sales are everywhere. Every little thing you’ve posted on your page is your offer. You may not think about it, but everybody who looks at your content become your “partner” or the opposite one.

If you have a moderator, who works with comments, of your social media account, that’s good! But does the moderator know about your personal or company brand values, principles, mission? Does the moderator share your voice in comments? Or her or his own?

When you want to tell something to your client, you better talk by yourself. And if you delegate it, you would be clear and detailed in sharing the information with a translator. Managers do it right when their secretary is a translator and often so negligent getting in touch with the huge audience of social media networks.

We all need to admit that our conduct in online has the same importance as that in real live. Therefore delegating social networks communications is an important part for your brand creation.

P.s. Be good and start from watching yourself. Than watch the others.

World marketing trend 2019: Storymaking instead of storytelling

Yesterday business units feel healthy enough reaching their audience by posting fancy stories. They pay for creation, channels to spread, costs optimization. Nowadays online reality challenges us with new unavoidable riddles. Virality has become more than an idol but a part of survival on the harsh competitive online ground. Brands, include small and personal brands, have to tell specific stories to be seen and be heard in overcrowded data stream.
You don’t only need to say something new to your audience, you need audience to talk about it a lot. By this way your readers, not only you, becomes the participants of information stream by sharing your content or parts of it. And you don’t have to pay for the ads! That’s simple. Storymaking is much cheaper if it’s made with an comprehensive approach. A good viral content is a real treasure and it’s becoming extremely harder day by day to produce it. Storymaking is a technology that often lies between online and offline happenings. People do talk about what they’re involved in. That’s, probably, the key term.
The storymaking isn’t a new technic at all. It’s just rarely used because of the creativity and commitment it appeals to, but new times dictates new rules. If you’re not “in”, you’ll be “out”. It reminds me one TV-show about top models … So, who run the world?
The viral content.

SEO vs SMM title

What’s the difference? When we write for a website we have to care about its easy tracking. Our title must be convenient for searching engines. When we write some text for social network, what’s our main target? Ofcourse, reactions! When you create a title like “Where to find blue socks?”, it’s more about search because it looks like retrieval request by itself. Some readers in social networks may know the answer but it’s not an attention-grabbing, however. The title “Blue socks: Wanted Dead or alive” is more attractive, isn’t it? Don’t you want to leave a laughing smile on Facebook? Or your own extra joke in comment? Maybe this example isn’t ideal but I hope you got it. 

Whereas I’m producing things, my cousin producing babies

My cousin gived birth to her fourth child. That’s a lot 🙂 Probably she’s the one of that persons who impelemt exta delivery plan instead of me. People talks that giving birth is the key thing to do in our life. Lately I’m not sure about it indeed. Sometimes I thinks do I want my children to live in this cruel world full of hate, depravity and vulgarity, wars, horrible diseases… Do I want him or her to take part in all of these? A baby wouldn’t live in some alternative world that parents have created. The most often objection with this issue I’ve heard from my interlocutors is about the quality of your own children’ upbringing. The kid would live in this society and obliged to be a part of it! I’m positive and really happy person, though, every day of my life. But I’m not sure that my children will be the same as I am. And I definitely love people, but not society. So, I continue my attempts to produce good things for the future and I hope to bring back my lost desire to have kids. And maybe get married firstly 🙂

Authors feel so different

When it comes to me, I need to «put myself» in my character’s nature
for write a fiction. Anyway. I need to create a character that would inspire me to write about him then I have to imagine myself in his body, in his reality, in his circumstances. Whoever would it be. For this process I don’t need real life examples. It may destroy my «way of a character». Maybe I’m too much of a dreamer? But I don’t get my co-creators effort to find out and show clearly «real life» in our film. They want to make surveys and kind of a deep interviews… I’m not sure that people are ready to share such personal stuff. We used to dream. Probably we all are sick of ruined personal sandcastles… But no, not me.

«Anything you’ve written down here wouldn’t be in a movie»

Was my very first director’s comment during the reading my movie brief. The first was a comment and also a director. It wasn’t sound single-handedly as you might imagine, though, it was a first call for the future hard times in our collaboration. The main idea for this project is mine and it has already been transforming a lot. I have to be fundamental in these processes to save the initial message of the whole film.