Facebook image editor 2019: short guide and colour correction basics

 It’s easy and fast to correct an image according to your purposes right on in social network before posting. If you look careful, you’ll see a lot of photos with imbalanced brightness, warmth, sharpen. Even though a picture made by professionals and posted on photo stock. It’s not a bad photos at all! Authors want to show their view and correct levels how they want. There’s no accounting for tastes! Or maybe you’ve made a shot by yourself and it’s far from perfect. This short article is about simple and quick way to make a little correction right on in the post creating Facebook window. This article aren’t for professional designers, ofcourse, but for common users. The Facebook image editor isn’t popular tool, but let’s see how it helps!

Download and cut

 Firstly, click to create a new post and download your image. Then open the editor. I’ve found my pic on one of the photo stocks.

facebook editor

 We need to choose the best looking size. It’s better be horizontal orientated image or square for Facebook feed and a vertical rectangle for stories. My photo is vertical, so I cut it to get a square.

facebook editor
Colour correction, filters

 In most cases we need to make a correction to obtain more natural colours. Our eyes receive too much information from today’s media channels. I found out that more real images work more sustainable and successful now. Like it’s closer to reality and more «honest». Hence, be careful with using filters. They make a very specific changes and usually your pic becomes a lower quality one. In Facebook editor we have not so much options for colour correction. There are six filters to improve our image. In my case you can see the options below.

image filters facebook

 The Vintage filter increases the level of grey. The picture becomes too colourless for me. If you follow the style, this one looks quite fashionable.

The Spring filter increases the red colour level and brightness. The picture looks more sunny, but we can see that the white fence looks not enough natural. Remember that the white colour level is extremely important in image correction.

The Summer filter looks really bright with high level of yellow. We can notice that the white colour of fence looks closer to pure white.

The Fall filter add more green colour. It makes grass looks more natural. Notice that black dog hair and collar look a bit more natural than on the previous pic. But we lose the letter’s S brightness on this image.

The Winter filter fade out colors and add blue haze. For my picture message about Dog Hero it’s too specific in my view.

The last one — Snow filter — makes pic white and black. It looks non contrast and needs white colour correction as well.

I’ll go with Summer filter. Remember, in your case it can be better to use the other one. So, just follow your senses and use some of my tips. I’m sure you’ll do your best!

Text and stickers

 As the next step we can add a text. Choose one of five fonts. You can test different font colors during the text correction. Remember that we start to read from the left side to the right, top-down, firstly the bigger letters than smaller ones. It’s important for sending the right message when you split the text.

add text on the image

 Facebook has a huge library of stickers! You can play with one set for creating recognizable posts style or use it from time to time to draw attention. Stickers are free.

facebook stickers

 We are on the finish line. Don’t forget to save your changes. And finally look at the original image. Compare it with your creation. Which looks better? Post only the best one, don’t regret about wasted time (all process takes under 5 minutes), just be honest with yourself. The facebook image editor and a little knowledge in colour correction helps your contant to become more competitive. High quality content worths sober examining.

facebook editor
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