Whereas I’m producing things, my cousin producing babies

My cousin gived birth to her fourth child. That’s a lot 🙂 Probably she’s the one of that persons who impelemt exta delivery plan instead of me. People talks that giving birth is the key thing to do in our life. Lately I’m not sure about it indeed. Sometimes I thinks do I want my children to live in this cruel world full of hate, depravity and vulgarity, wars, horrible diseases… Do I want him or her to take part in all of these? A baby wouldn’t live in some alternative world that parents have created. The most often objection with this issue I’ve heard from my interlocutors is about the quality of your own children’ upbringing. The kid would live in this society and obliged to be a part of it! I’m positive and really happy person, though, every day of my life. But I’m not sure that my children will be the same as I am. And I definitely love people, but not society. So, I continue my attempts to produce good things for the future and I hope to bring back my lost desire to have kids. And maybe get married firstly 🙂