The space to think between «Just post something» and «Who the h*** ‘ve done that?»

Be careful in delegating social networks communications. It can properly work that way in a few consequences. For example, a social media specialist can work solitary if there’s a source with constantly updating content to use. In that case pro can choose a potentially effective piece and post it. If there’s a plenty of options. Other words, you can successfully delegate your social media to another person only if an information resource needs to be presented. It may works by simple copying pieces of content.

But don’t forget that sales are everywhere. Every little thing you’ve posted on your page is your offer. You may not think about it, but everybody who looks at your content become your “partner” or the opposite one.

If you have a moderator, who works with comments, of your social media account, that’s good! But does the moderator know about your personal or company brand values, principles, mission? Does the moderator share your voice in comments? Or her or his own?

When you want to tell something to your client, you better talk by yourself. And if you delegate it, you would be clear and detailed in sharing the information with a translator. Managers do it right when their secretary is a translator and often so negligent getting in touch with the huge audience of social media networks.

We all need to admit that our conduct in online has the same importance as that in real live. Therefore delegating social networks communications is an important part for your brand creation.

P.s. Be good and start from watching yourself. Than watch the others.